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4 reasons why Vertical Video is a new marketing trend

Is this the end of horizontally filmed videos? No, of course not. But vertical videos are a rising trend whether we want or not. It's interesting how quickly is this developing. It used to be that posting vertical video online was seen as shameful and unprofessional — the sign of a true amateur. Today, it’s how the majority of content on many social media channels is not only consumed but also produced. The world's first mobile phone, Motorola had also a horizontal display until Steve Jobs came with his full display iPhone. So the vertical format is here for a while if you think about it. But since 2011, when Snapchat was created, people immediately started recording vertically and became used to gain information from mobile phones.

1. It's comfortable and natural

We hold our phones vertically almost 94% of the time, whether reading, chatting, calling, scrolling our news feed or viewing videos.

People don't spend that one second and one movement to flip the phone if that was not the initiative. If a video is vertical and of our interest, we’re just going to keep watching. That's what we naturally do.

2. Marketing

Whatever research you do or read about proves that video posts are leading giant. The biggest social media channels create and prefer this trend because the audience is already expecting it. How did it all turn around...more than 80% of web traffic will be video traffic by 2020. That is a big number to consider when marketing your product or service. Over half of the videos on the internet are watched on mobile devices, so it's not just a video, it's a video content optimized for mobile.

3. Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and other social networks have become the place to go for information. 10 billion vertical videos are seen each day in Snapchat and social media giants

wake up to it. Advertisers and brands use them on a large scale for marketing all over the world. Even YouTube now supports vertical video on mobile without side black bars. The "new" IGTV, which allows video content up to 60 minutes long – HAS TO be vertical. So are we slowly living in a "vertical world?"

Any social media platform your brand is using supports vertical video, and your audience expects you to follow and adapt to it.

4. Popularity

There are two types of this trend. First is applicable for anyone who owns a mobile phone and can shoot video content for Facebook and IG stories. People are naturally recording vertically and this type of shooting has been here for a long time.

Second is joining high-quality filming comparable to typical filming methods but with a different format. Brands are adapting very quickly to this trend and all kinds of big companies like Hyundai, Spotify or Lipton are launching vertical campaigns. Even celebrities with the biggest impact like Ariana Grande, Halsey, and Nicki Minaj are now recording vertical music video clips.

It's without a doubt that this format is a strong marketing tool and the sooner people adapt to it, the faster they'll see the positive impact.

Do you want to start creating Vertical Videos? Then CONTACT ME at InCreat for more information.

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