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I always say 'I love to be spontaneous but only when I can afford it'. 

Let's talk about responibilities for a minute. How are you planning shoots now? Do you say, ‘Let's shoot something next Thursday.’? That's fine if you’re shooting tests for your model friend. But if you really want to work with a brand, you’ve got to show them that their project is important to you with close attention to detail. You need to show a client that you understand the purpose of the shoot and can easily handle all the elements.

Provide briefing with a mood board, looks, make-up, hairstyle, locations and any other essential information. You need a fully timed schedule of events to show that you’re a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing. You should also use a call sheet with full contact information to make sure everyone knows to be ready at the correct time and place.

If you’re shooting a video, you need storyboards and specialized planning sheets. All these documents help you to not only organize your shoot, but they will massively decrease the chances of problems halting production. A great plan means everyone knows exactly what

to expect, and those expectations can be easily met.

How can a Producer improve your photoshoot?

Every video production has a producer. In fact, there are usually several producers involved,

a creative producer, a video producer and a line producer. Each of them has a slightly

different role to manage the workload and ensure strong organization. So why is a

photoshoot producer not a must-have in photoshoot production? It's a remarkably similar

production process, with a similar team of people, similar results, and yet, it's

the photographers who juggle planning and organization with taking amazing photos. With

so much work and responsibility, it’s inevitable that quality is lost.

Producing is a separate position with its own responsibilities. It's the producer, also referred

to as the project manager or coordinator, who takes care of all the administration, prepares

documentation, constructs a detailed plan, finds the right people and artists for the

specialist jobs, deals with problems and has the back-up plan ready to execute. Having a

producer to ensure smooth organization means the photographer, director or brand owner

can really focus on their work and make it as brilliant and flawless as possible.

If you want to improve your skills and learn how to produce an impressive, professional

photoshoot, please visit my website and feel free to ask me any questions. You can also get

a great offer on my personal photoshoot templates which can be specially modified for your

projects and are available to download now.

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