3 things you need to know for planning a smooth Photoshoot

With years of experience in project management, producing, photography and being a model. I’ve

seen the best and the worst of photoshoots from all angles, behind the camera and in front

of it. I’ve worked in four different countries, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and England,

and so I know the common problems and pitfalls that creative producers and photographers are facing, most of which can be solved by simply enhancing their production skills.

Here are my tips for a sleek photoshoot that will impress clients and grow your

outstanding reputation:

1. Boost your Communication

With the large number and variety of people who might be involved in the shoot, it’s not

enough to just agree on a basic idea of how the shoot will run and expect everything to go

smoothly. People naturally forget or misinterpret concepts when there is a lack of detail.

Make your plan clear and thorough and share it officially with everyone involved. Make sure

everyone is connected. After the shoot, make sure to thank everyone for their hard work

and cooperation and be sure that everyone gets the final photos at the same time. My top

tip is to connect on social media so that the photos can be easily tagged with and by the

relevant people. This is a great way to save time and make everyone feel equally valued.

2. Have a Back-Up Plan

In fact, have a plan B and a plan C. I've been to countless shoots where the location was

suddenly not available, it started to rain, the clothes were too small, or

the equipment didn't work and so on. Be prepared for any surprises. Think of anything that

might go wrong and have a plan for that.

3. Research your Location

You might feel confident after checking a photo of the location on the internet or trusting a

recommendation, but the reality is always different, and any small changes can massively

disrupt your plans. You could end up needing a whole new idea if the location doesn’t fit. If

it's possible, check out the location yourself, or send a colleague, and take real photos of the

location. That way, you’ll have a clear image of what you’re working with throughout your

planning stage.


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